“It’s good because I get to run around and chill with my friends — hang out,” says 11­year­old Yuribel, of Union City. The collaborative effort to utilize the dormant Hackensack reservoir property from United Water paid off.

“Truly Mayor (Richard) Turner being on top of this made it happen,” says Mayor and State Senator Brian Stack. “He was the first one to call me and say, ‘Brian, let’s put this together,’ and we did it. You know, it’s not only important for two communities, it’s really important for open space in Hudson County.”

It’s been of out of operation for 19 years, but the space was converted to a passive park with a walking trail around the perimeter. Sven thinks the park is a great thing to happen to Union City.
“We’ve already been around looking at it, waiting for it to open and we’re just happy the day is finally here,” he says.
And the best part…

“The nature, the birds, anything else you see in there — and it’s quiet, there’s lots of open space, a view of the city,” Sven says.

A place to get moving right in Beverly Jensen’s own backyard.

“I’m really excited about it, my fiancé works for the parks and rec department and he tells me I have to walk around it everyday,” says Jensen, a resident of Weehawken.

It’s the biggest preservation project this area has probably seen in the last 50 years.

“And Mayor Stack and the board of commissioners worked very hard with Weehawken and our elected officials and we were able to get the money together,” Turner says. “Trenton helped out, the governor helped out, the commissioner of DEP — and we now have 16 acres of preserved property in the heart of North Hudson.”

It could have been a 70,000 square foot commercial warehouse with 500 parking spaces.
“This is an example for the whole state how two communities, the county and the state government can work together,” Turner says. It’s exciting for 11­year­old Frances ‘cause she can enjoy the park with her family and friends.
“You could go anytime and you could just have fun and be you,” the Union City resident says.