Commercial Playground Equipment & Water Parks

Picerno-Giordano has playground equipment selections you need to create the perfect play area

We understand that playgrounds are much more than the structures they contain.  Playground equipment is where children of all ages can explore, build social skills, foster relationships and develop cognitive and motor skills.  Our years of experience in the playground industry allow us to create recreational spaces tailored to your specific needs and site requirements.  And, our Certified Designers and Certified Installers are committed to safety.

Each playground is designed to your specifications, taking into account the targeted age group, space location, and recreational goal.  We offer complete customization as well as a standard selection.  Our commercial playground equipment is perfect for schools as well as parks, campgrounds and housing developments.

Our extensive product line brings your vision to life.

Daycare Centers

Playground equipment can feature infant and toddler spaces that stimulate learning and exploration.   For older children, the area can include climbing structures, dramatic play space, a trike track, a weather exploration station, and many other environments to stimulate play and education.

Housing Markets

A playground at a housing or apartment development can make the overall character of the property more inviting.   We help you build a playground environment to be used by all residents or the community to play and relax.  Many of our clients have installed traditional play spaces along with shades or shelters to cover picnic areas, grill stations and fitness areas. Residents often appreciate secure bike racks and we have a wide selection.  Our collection of commercial playground equipment and commercial outdoor furniture has something for everyone in your community. 

Dog Parks and Rest-Stop Areas

Our extensive range of dog park play equipment provides a full range of activities for our furry friends.  Materials are easy-to-clean and mounted into the ground for stability.  Dog-themed benches, trash receptacles, sun shades and benches are a fun touch that encourage visitors to spend more time relaxing and playing.  Water fountains can be added to make the space a favorite destination.


Our products can complete the look and comfort of your campsite.  Our large selection of standard park grills, benches, tables, trash receptacles, commercial bike racks, shades and shelters can supply your visitors with community space to spread out while keeping your property organized and tidy.

Municipal parks

Our product offerings create virtually any type of recreational space.  Sports facilities, bandshells, playgrounds, game tables under shelters, picnic areas with standard park grills, water parks, dog parks, commercial bike racks and cycling trails… the possibilities are endless.  Customized and themed site amenities can add further character and make your park memorable.


There is no limit when imaging a play space and we help you design an area that ties seamlessly into your exhibitions, both inside and outside.  Choose from themes such as space, transportation, seaside, marsh, barn, or western town, or something entirely of your own creation.

Pools and Resorts

We provide both portable and permanent amenity products for pools and resorts.  Our full range of commercial outdoor furniture ranges from lounge chairs and coffee tables to picnic tables with attached seating.   Our trash receptacles can be a practical addition to the space, and our selection encompasses both conventional containers and more stylish options.  Of course, shade is always welcome poolside, and we have a full range of umbrellas, custom shades and gazebos.  Discover more of our amenities.


Play facilities at a restaurant can bring a few welcome moments of peace for parents who would like to go out to eat with their children.  Our play spaces can be installed either inside or outside to keep the whole family happy.  We also supply and install outdoor commercial furniture including café tables, seating, and umbrellas.

Retirement and Assisted Living

We specialize in beautiful and relaxing spaces for retirement and assisted living facilities.  Comfortable benches, and shelters to provide shade, planters for flowers and gardening.  We also have a wide selection of music instruments that can be installed outside on inside that are wonderful for physical therapy.  These items combined create a peaceful environment for your residents and their families to enjoy.


All of our age-appropriate commercial playground equipment is designed for enduring beneficial play and accommodates infants through school-age children.   Every design can be inclusive to each member of your community.  Structure components such as slides, climbers, and ladders can customize your equipment to achieve your physical play and learning goals.  Our many options allow you to take the classroom outdoors, extending educational areas and make learning enjoyable.  Also, our wide assortment of commercial outdoor furniture can create fun outdoor eating areas, and commercial bike racks encourage children to bike to school.

Sports Areas and Facilities

Not only do we sell and install bleachers and shade for municipal and school fields, but we also offer a full range of sports amenities and outdoor sports equipment as well as athletic flooring and surfaces.

Talk to a Picerno-Giordano recreational designer today to find out how our commercial playground equipment and commercial outdoor furniture can add value and imagination to your space.