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Playground Safety Surfacing NJ

Safety Surface for Play Areas

The right safety surface is the finishing touch that can add color, comfort, and personality to your recreational area.

Picerno-Giordano is the proud owner of Sureplay International Rubber Surfacing, LLC, a leader in poured-in-place rubber safety surfacing services in New Jersey and the tri-state area.  Our installers are masters of design for interior gyms and play spaces, as well as traditional exterior applications such as rubber safety surface for play areas and splash pad surface.  

Poured rubber safety surface for play areas is always a popular option, but we also provide and install SureTurf® indoor and outdoor synthetic grass, Engineered Wood Fiber for playground applications and rubber tiles.  Since we offer all options of safety surface for play areas, each client can be assured that the safety surface they choose is appropriate for their play space.  As with all our products, each surface is thoroughly tested for safety, certified, and comes with a warranty.*


SurePour® Poured-In-Place Rubber Surfacing is ideal for playgrounds, parks, splash pad surface, and virtually any outdoor recreational area.  It utilizes a unitary poured system (the entire surface is poured at the same time during installation) ensuring that the surface will not move after installation, and it is virtually maintenance-free.  This is an environmentally friendly choice because it is made from recycled rubber.

SureTurf® is more than synthetic grass.  It has a variety of uses and adds safety as well as beauty to both indoor and outdoor recreational areas.  There is padding beneath the turf that is adjusted according to the play equipment application to enhance safety absorption for falls.    

Engineered Wood Fiber is dried hardwood, cut to a specified size, and treated to be mold-resistant and repel insects.  It is an excellent choice for many outdoor applications. Engineered wood fiber for playground use requires maintenance such as raking and refilling to maintain its safety qualities, but upkeep is minimal.

Interlocking rubber tiles are available in various depths chosen in accordance with its application.  Tiles are an economical and sturdy safety surface for play areas in unconventional spaces, such as building roofs or smaller indoor spaces.  

Safety surface options such as SurePour® can add personality through color, texture, and design to your playground, water park, splash pad surface, or fitness area.  Interlocking rubber tiles can be an attractive alternative.

SureTurf® and Engineered Wood Fiber for playground use will enhance any recreational area’s natural theme.  Whichever safety surface you choose, you can rely on Picerno-Giordano to make sure it is the right choice for your recreational area and correctly installed. Want to discuss the best safety surface for your play area and learn more about our expert installation?  Contact us today.

*to learn more about our product warranties, please contact us directly.