Stay Protected from the Sun with Our Standard and Custom Commercial Shades

Our selection of commercial umbrellas, cabanas, commercial cantilever shades, hip ends, modular shades for playgrounds, and shade sails provide cover for virtually any outdoor location.  Our superior shade products are used by coastal communities, resorts, housing markets, sporting complexes, schools and parks in New Jersey, and around the tri-state area.

Our customers choose our shades for their superior construction and durability:  

Product strength:  Our framework can withstand wind gusts of up to 150 mph (with fabric removed)

UV protection: Our shade fabrics block up to 99% of harmful UV rays, depending on the color you choose

Long lasting: Our UV stabilized fabric is rachel-knitted and resists fading, abrading, rotting, shrinkage and unraveling

Temperature control: Depending on the fabric color, you can reduce the temperature under the shade by up to 25 degrees

Building code compliant: Our designers ensure all shade structures meet local building codes

Durability: Our super-durable powder-coat is paired with zinc-rich primer to protect against corrosion

Easy maintenance: Many shades can include a Glide Elbow™ that allows for quick release of the shade’s fabric


Our selection of fabrics, colors and designs for commercial umbrellas makes it easy to choose the best umbrella for your space.

Standard umbrellas are ideal for any commercial application and available in square, rectangle and hexagon shapes.  The single pole design is effortlessly opened and retracted, and perfect for café tables. A cantilever design is ideal for shading swimming pools or dining spaces that want to avoid the obstruction of a center post.  

Specialized commercial umbrellas are also part of our product line.  Our Hypar umbrella features a low-profile canopy that does not obstruct your view.  Dual column umbrellas are a great solution for shading benches. We also install umbrellas with tilted canopies that will stay in place to achieve maximum sun protection.  


Our cabanas are spacious solutions that provide unsurpassed durability with an elegant look.  They provide a sleek solution for resorts and hotels where families and couples can gather and enjoy the day.   When used as a premium rental space, they generate revenue that can help with the expense of outdoor upkeep.

Cantilever Shades

Perfect for large spaces such as zoos, dugouts, golf courses, bus stops, and bleachers, our commercial cantilever shades combine minimum posts with maximum shade.  Cantilevers are an attractive option in practically any setting, and commercial cantilever shades can come in a traditional rectangular design or a stylish curve.  

Hip Ends

Hip end shades are a versatile and economical solution for large spaces requiring shade.  A single standard hip shade is an excellent solution for schools, parks and play areas. Multiple shades can form a multi-dome design which is useful for sports complex seating and parking lots.  Multi-domes can have matching fabric or alternating colors and come in a variety of sizes.

Modular Shades

Modular shades are a popular addition to new or existing play structures.  They are available in a wide array of shapes and colors. Shades on top of a play structure provide sun protection which encourages longer use.  Swings with shades create an ideal spot for children to enjoy.


Shade sails can be a fun and creative way to add shade to your outdoor area. Shade sails are a creative touch for both large and small areas that need to look exceptional while remaining functional in the heat.  Shapes can be customized, or you can choose from a traditional triangular and rectangular design. The variety of pole placements and shade heights means that design options are endless.    When multiple shade sails are used together, they create unique structures with ample coverage.

Our standard product line and customizable options for shades complete your recreational space and create a cool, comfortable atmosphere to play and relax.  Want to learn more about Picerno-Giordano’s shade solutions? Contact us today