Picerno-Giordano Shelters –The quality you expect

Our wide selection of commercial shelters, commercial gazebos and commercial pavilions makes us the leader in recreational shelters in New Jersey and the surrounding tri-state area.  With over forty years of experience building shelters for municipal parks, schools, housing markets and resorts, we have the knowledge and resources to create functional and beautiful designs.  

Our distinctive structures optimize shade while creating a focal point for your recreational area.  In addition to fully-customized shelters, we also offer a lower-cost value line of our most popular styles when price is an important purchasing factor.  

Our commercial shelters, commercial gazebos and commercial pavilions are fabricated and assembled to the highest standards.  You can count on Picerno-Giordano to help you compose the perfect design to suit your space.  

Key benefits of our shelters, pavilions and gazebos include:

Fast Engineering

Our pre-engineered commercial shelters are a perfect choice when project turn-around time is a key concern.

No Exposed Connections

Hidden connections on our steel structures create a clean look that is visually appealing.  There are no unsightly bolts to distract from the lines of the architecture.

Strength and Durability

Our framework is engineered to withstand high winds and heavy snow loads.  We use a super-durable powder coat that is paired with a zinc-rich primer to provide superior weather resistance.  

Building Code Compliant

We ensure all structures meet local building codes.  Our familiarity with New Jersey and the surrounding areas means that in many cases we are already familiar with your community’s building codes.

The designers at Picerno-Giordano can create a shelter that works within your budget for any landscape.

Our product line includes:

Steel Shelters

Square: Ideal for any application, our square commercial shelters are the simplest shade solution.  A variety of options in roof design, lattice and ornamental bracing can create a unique look.

Hexagon:  Our hexagon shelters add more visual interest than a standard square shelter, and like our square designs, have many options and accessories to create visual interest.  Duo-top and tin-top roof systems create an attractive alternative to standard roofs.

Octagon:  Large or small, our octagon commercial shelters make a bold statement.  Adding ornamental handrails, lattice and columns creates a truly unique look.  They come in a variety of sizes that can accommodate large groups such as bands, as well as smaller sizes for more intimate spaces.

Hip-End: These large rectangular styles provide the perfect protection for picnic tables, benches and bleachers.  Adding a duo-top provides air-circulation underneath, keeping patrons more comfortable in the shade.

Gable-End: This pitched-roof design is versatile and perfect for hosting events or shading stages with accompanying seating.

Bus:  Our bus stop shelters are available in a variety of designs including gable, cantilever and barrel.  Barrel shelters offer a unique curved design that provides an upgraded look. Accessories such as trash receptacles and message boards are popular additions.  


Gazebos are an inviting, decorative shelter solution for small spaces or areas looking for a statement piece.  Details such as cupolas and weathervanes create a memorable look. Ornamental gazebos in parks often become a favorite place for photographs.


Our commercial kiosks are available in multiple configurations with lockable display cases and internal cork boards.  They are a must-have for community park spaces, universities and city streets to display messages and upcoming events.  


Our mini-shelters are ideal for shading small areas where athletes compete or park patrons relax.  They are available with a center-post or dual-column design and are a popular option for benches and bike racks.

Performance Pavilions

Our commercial pavilions are ideal for hosting events such as concerts, community programs and weddings.  They can be completely customized or have a standard base design to which ornamental bracing, handrails and lighting can be added for a custom look.


Trellises are a cost-effective architectural statement.  Larger designs have been used to provide grand entrances to parks, and smaller constructions for adding interest to gardens.  A variety of roof pitches and accessories can create a stunning setting.

If you are looking to explore all the ways commercial shelters, commercial gazebos or commercial pavilions can further enhance your recreational space, contact a Picerno-Giordano designer today.Contact Us