Site Amenities

We Have the Outdoor Amenities You Are Looking For

Our wide selection includes commercial benches, commercial picnic tables and commercial bike racks

Site amenities are an opportunity to add character to your recreational space, and Picerno-Giordano’s wide selection meets all safety standards, provides functionality, and is customizable to your specifications.


Our commercial benches provide a comfortable place to rest, whether in a municipal park, college campus, bus stop or at your business.  Our styles range from standard to modern and can be customized with your logo, add a shade and can be portable or permanently installed.


We offer a variety of bleacher options, including elevated, non-elevated, low-rise and transportable.  Bleachers are useful in a variety of venues, such as schools, community sporting fields, and pools.  Shade for bleachers is a popular option, and we have specialty bleacher shades that shield from the sun as well as the rain.

Park Grills

Our standard park grills have uses outside of the campground.  The sturdy design is also popular at pools and municipal parks.  Grills paired with commercial picnic tables create enjoyable outdoor dining areas.

Commercial Bike Racks

We offer a variety of commercial bike racks, from standard bike loops to novelty designs.  They are available in a range of colors and can have either a surface or in-ground mount.  Commercial bike racks are widely used at many venues, including parks and universities.

Dog Parks

Our dog park amenities are the perfect addition to your recreational space.  Dog parks quickly become some of the most popular and often-used park spaces and are enjoyed by both pets and their owners.  Some amenities, such as benches and trash receptacles, can come with dog paw or bone designs at no additional cost.


Signs can make patrons feel welcome and help distinguish between specific areas of your park or playground.  Choose from standard to totally customizable designs to put the finishing touch on your space.


Storage is one of the most overlooked features of a recreational environment.  We offer cabinets, storage benches and buildings to safeguard equipment and keep it organized.


With our assortment of frame styles, table shapes, metal designs, accessories and colors, we can create the perfect plan for your space.  From commercial picnic tables for parks to café tables for your restaurant’s outdoor patio, we have the table that fits your needs.

Trash Receptacles and Ash Urns

Our trash receptacles and ash urns are designed to complement our tables and commercial benches.  These are two of the most essential items for outdoor spaces, and our selection offers style and functionality.  A custom logo is a great way to show off your brand and leave a visual impression on your guests.


Our commercial grade umbrellas come in a variety of designs, styles and colors to suit your space.  You can choose from portable, surface, or in-ground installation.  We have the right umbrella option for you, whether a single pole for commercial picnic tables, dual column umbrellas for commercial benches, or a cantilever design for a patio.

Don’t see the type of amenity you are looking for?  Contact us today to receive information on our full line of site amenities, including commercial benches, commercial picnic tables and commercial bike racks.