Services: Design, Installation and Safety Surfacing

Since we have such an extensive history in the construction field, we handle all aspects of a project.  Starting with site evaluation and design then moving into demolition, excavation and site grading.  Everything pertaining to a project is expertly executed; masonry, plumbing, electric, landscaping, fencing, sports courts, playground and pavilions are all routine trades.

Playground Design NJ

Our staff consists of Certified Playground Safety Inspectors and can design your entire recreation space to meet all required codes, reflect your style and stay within budget.  We provide complimentary site visits, site plans, renderings and proposals detailing all costs.

Our experienced field crew members, who are also Certified Playground Safety Inspectors, have all the necessary skills to evaluate your site and recommend the appropriate construction scope of work.  From demolition of existing conditions, to grading and establishing the correct elevations, we are equipped to handle every phase.

Playground demolition-grading-excavation NJ

Our experienced field crew members are not only Certified Playground Safety Inspectors but also hold the “Factory Certifications” of the top 10 playground and site amenities manufacturers.

Playground Safety Surfacing NJ

We are the proud owners of Sureplay International Rubber Surfacing, LLC which is a leader in rubber safety surfacing for playgrounds, water parks and fitness areas.  Our installers are masters of design and our surfacing is IPEMA Certified!  Along with rubber safety surface, we also provide and install Engineered Wood Fiber and rubber tile safety surfacing as wonderful options for your playground.