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Age range and abilities are always considered when our design team works on your project. Your water park can be filled with large custom water features or several smaller units suitable for a small park or child care center.  We are Certified Playground Safety Inspectors and use our skills to create safe, exciting and innovative places to play and explore.

Benches, trash receptacles, signs, grills, picnic tables are offered standard and custom.  Special logos, pictures and graphic can be added at no additional cost.

We provide standard and custom designs to fit your need and budget.


We provide standard and custom designs to fit your need and budget.

Fitness and sports equipment

We design fitness equipment for children and adults that can be used for interior fitness spaces and outside in park settings.  We also supply a full range of sporting equipment.


Sturdy, non-puros, unique equipment for public parks or private “doggie day cares” make your dog park the highlight for pet owners and pooches alike.

Rubber safety surfacing

Rubber safety surfacing by Sureplay International Rubber Surfacing, LLC is the premier in safety surfacing for playgrounds, water parks and fitness areas.  This can be installed for use at interior gyms or play spaces as well as the traditional exterior application.  We also offer Engineered Wood Fiber which is IPEMA Certified for playground surfacing.  Rubber tiles are another option, especially for spaces that are difficult to get to like roof top playgrounds.

Sports flooring and color coating

Our range of sports flooring is vast. From Snap Sports Flooring that can be used interior and exterior to acrylic color coating, the possibilities are endless.

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